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Spanish Techno DJ and Producer | Graphic Designer | Web Developer | and SEO manager | Label owner of SCR Techno and CR Techno.

If you’ve ever delved into the electronic scene, chances are you’ve crossed paths with De Oliveira. This talented artist, DJ and Producer has not only left an mark on the techno industry but also owns two influential labels: Stir Consciences Records and Cannabis Records, where prominent techno artists like Ben Sims, Mark Williams, A. Paul, Fer BR, Mattias Fridell, Vegim, and many others have released their music.

De Oliveira Biography: An impressive journey of more than 20 years

De Oliveira, despite an ear problem that has caused him to have some time off, has been at the heart of the techno industry since 2002, solidifying his status with powerful sounds. His music transcends labels and categories, taking us on a sonic journey where passion for techno are evident in every beat.

Sales Success and Beyond

It’s no wonder that De Oliveira has achieved top rankings, including reaching the prestigious top 3 on Beatport’s Hard Techno Tracks chart, among other notable top positions in Beatport and various techno stores.

His tracks and releases have resonated with listeners and fellow artists alike. Esteemed figures in the industry, such as DJ Pepo, A.Paul, Mike Humphries, Fer BR, Luky R.D.U., Adam Jay, Spiros Kaloumenos, Daniela Haverbeck, Kammy, Pedro Delgardo, Vegim, Patrick DSP, James Hammer, V1NZ, Mattias Fridel, The Event 7, 3Phazegenerator, DJ Bold, Andreas Kremer, Jeff F, Luke Creed, Mark Morris, Raftek, DJ Link, Andreas Florin, Dave The Drumer, Tachini, l1 Ambivalent, Tony Montana, Tony Silver, Du’Art, Makarov & Steen, Bilro & Barbosa, Reaky, Roman Zawodny, Matt K, Steel Grooves, Bitch Bros, Shaun Mauren, DJ Infusion, Wyndell Long, H.Paul, Darkmode, Odessa Soundfreaks, Aka Carl, Veztax, Andreas Tek, Steve Pain, Daz Furey or Fei-Fei and many others, have lent their support to his music.

Exploring Varied Soundscapes on Multiple Labels

De Oliveira has ventured into the world of electronic music across an array of labels. From his own Stir Consciences Records and Cannabis Records labels to established ones like Naked Lunch Records, Mastertraxx Records, Take More Music Records, Infecta Records, Darkletvm Records, Urban Kickz Recordings, Subcult Records, and Killacell Recordings, his music has made an impact. Dive into his discography and experience the diverse soundscapes that have marked his journey in electronic music.

Rhythmic Collaborations and Remix Adventures

Dive into De Oliveira’s world of music where he’s joined forces with an incredible lineup of artists to create unforgettable beats and remixes. From techno legends to rising stars like: Ben Sims, 3Phazegenerator, Luky R.D.U., The Event 7, Mike Humphries, A.Paul, Adam Jay, Roman Zawodny, Vegim, Mattias Fridel, Jeff F, Daniela Haverbeck, Tachini, Luke Creed, Andreas Tek, Ganez, H. Paul, Mark Rey, Alexey Kotlyar, Dave Elyzium, Bilro & Barbosa, DJ Baly and Alfonso Sanchez. De Oliveira has crafted a diverse sound, making every collaboration a musical adventure. Explore the tracks that have emerged from this creativity, and experience the dynamic fusion of talent focusedon the dance floors.

Sharing Stages with Techno Titans

De Oliveira has graced stages in various locations, at the events he promoted in A Coruña as well as for other promoters, sharing his music with an impressive roster of techno luminaries. His presence in the electronic music world has garnered respect. His journey such as De Oliveira or as group Delirium Tremens (With DJ Liños) has included memorable gigs across A Coruña, Pontevedra, Madrid, Guadalajara, Caceres, Valladolid, and London, alongside DJ Liños, A.Paul, Mike Humphries, The Advent, Marco Lenzi, British Murder Boys, The Event 7, Mark Williams, Luky R.D.U., Elton D, Fer BR, Claude Young, DJ Murphy, Surgeon, Hertz, Cristian Varela, Pepo, Reeko, Pelacha, Daisychain, Darkrow, Kazu Kimura, Joton, Technasia, Eric Sneo, Valentino Kanzyani, Marko Nastic, Pet Duo, Frank Kvitta, Ian Void, Regis, Jesus del Campo, James Ruskin, Paul Mac, Chris Finke, and many other talented individuals who collectively shape the techno scene.

Beyond Music: Graphic Designer | Web Developer | and SEO Manager

But De Oliveira’s creativity doesn’t stop at music. In addition to his achievements in the electronic world, he is an exceptional graphic designer, an expert web developer, and a skilled SEO manager. His vision extends far beyond sound, and his footprint spans multiple facets of the digital world.

A Complete Techno Artist in Constant Progress

De Oliveira is an artist who keeps pushing. His passion for music and dedication to innovation have made him a well-known figure in the scene. Get ready to explore a sonic universe where emotions and strength converge under the guidance of De Oliveira.

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