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De Oliveira – Stampede Remixes – SCR016


We’ve prepared a Special Release for SCR 016 De Oliveira – Stampede Remixes.

Inviting three legends of Techno to make it: Ben Sims,  A.Paul and 3Phazegenerator Thank you very much for support, it’s a pleasure to see you here 😉



Stir Coneciences Records 016: De Oliveira – Stampede Rmxs

Feat. « Ben Sims,  A.Paul and 3Phazegenerator«



Support from: Patrick DSP, Dave The Drummer, Vincent De Wit, Pedro Delgardo, Tim Baker, Filipe Barbosa, Paula Cazenave, Veztax, DJ Shiva, Kazu Kimura, Makarov & Steen, Go!Diva, Darkmode, Andreas-Tek, Gabeen, Robert Grand, Mr. Jones, Scan Mode,, Datamatrix, Paul Langley, C-System, Dkult, Andreas Kremer, Daz Furey, DJ Link, DJ Kammy, Elton D, AT Project or Shaun Mauren amoung others..       



Mark Williams and De Oliveira – In The Jungle EP – SCR015


Mark Williams and De Oliveira


In The Jungle EP – Stir Consciences Records 015


Some underground Hardgroove Techno cooked by Mark Williams and De Oliveira. For this SCR015.

This one is already supported by: » 3Phazegenerator, DJ Kammy, Shaun Mauren, Patrick DSP, Elton D, AT Project, DKult, Thomas Will, DJ Bold, Vicent de Wit, Veztax, Patrick DSP, Datamatrix, Diarmaid O Meara, Robert Grand, Marko Nastic, Daz Furey, Deh-Noizer, DJ Link, Darkmode, Andreas-Tek, Makarov & Steen, Paulo AV, Andreas Kremer, Steve Pain, Filipe Barbosa, Roman Zawodny and more..  «


De Oliveira Welcome Remixes EP SCR 010 Special Edition

De Oliveira Welcome Remixes EP


Feat. Andreas-Tek, Daniela Haverbeck, Dave Elyzium, Ganez, Luke Creed, Tachini and The Event 7

This one is already supported by: Steve Pain, Veztax, Luke Creed, Patrick DSP, 3Phazegenerator, Datamatrix, Mike Humphries, Robert Grand, Darkmode, Vegim, Israel Toledo, DKult, Yari Greco, Andreas-Tek, aka Carl, Du’Art, Matt K, The Event 7, Raftek, DJ Pepo, Diego Herrero, Thomas Will, H.Paul, Steel Grooves, Wyndell Long Paula Cazenave, DJ Bold, l1 Ambivalent, Dave The Drumer, Andreas Florin, Tomas Will,  Daz Furey, Pedro Delgardo, Mark Morris, Bitch Bros or DJ Infusion amoung others.. look here what they say:



  • DJ INFUSION: Awesome release. Lots of tracks will be in my playlist …
  • BITCH BROS: Deep release!!! Nice!!!
  • MARK MORRIS: Event 7 rmx and firsts steps for me
  • DAZ FUREY: Nice one for D/L. will put on rotation Fnoob Techno
  • THOMAS WILL: Like it!
  • ANDREAS FLORIN: Great pack.will play it for sure!!
  • DAVE THE DRUMER: Great stuff!
  • l1 AMBIVALENT: that bass on Welcome You Too.. best track here 😉
  • DJ BOLD: Many cool trax, thanks a lot…
  • PAULA CAZENAVE: Nice tracks and remixes. First Steps (event 7 remix) and Welcome (Dave elyzium remix) are my favourites. Thanx!
  • STEVE PAIN: Nice EP ! Thanks (Welcome Dave Elyzium Remix)
  • VEZTAX: A year together (orig) , Welcome Ganez and Dave Elzyum rmxs (A Year Together)
  • LUKE CREED: Thanks,.. listen to wired up radio for support (Firsts Steps Luke Creed Remix)
  • PATRICK DSP: solid release. lots of good ones here (Welcome You Too)
  • 3PHAZEGENERATOR: Great EP. Full Support! (A Year Together)
  • DATAMATRIX: good release, thanx (Welcome Daniela Haverbeck Remix)
  • MIKE HUMPHRIES: Great. thanks for this pack. dave elyzium mix is very nice (Welcome Dave Elyzium Remix)
  • ROBERT GRAND: Great! Thank you (Welcome Dave Elyzium Remix)
  • DARKMODE: great release will play them out (A Year Together)
  • VEGIM: Some great tracks here. Will play them loud (Welcome You Too)
  • ISRAEL TOLEDO: Luke creed remix is great, thanx (Firsts Steps Luke Creed Remix)
  • DKULT: Dave Elyzium Remix for me 🙂 (Welcome Dave Elyzium Remix)
  • YARI GRECO: Play live sure and full support! (Welcome Dave Elyzium Remix)
  • ANDREAS-TEK: I like Daniela Haverbeck and ofcourse My Remix, Andreas-Tek !!. Gracias por la promo …. (Welcome Andreas-tek Remix)
  • AKA CARL: Nic e tracks mate thanks for the promos (A Year Together)


  • DU’ART: Good Release!! (A Year Together)
  • MATT K: Nice. Great broken beat techno w/ a nice 4×4 slammer! (Welcome)
  • THE EVENT 7: Full Support !!!!!!!!!! I m gonna play a year together!!!! (A Year Together is best for me)
  • RAFTEK: Really quality tracks (A Year Together)
  • DJ PEPO: Firsts (Welcome)
  • DIEGO HERRERO: Very good work, as ever (Welcome)
  • THOMAS WILL: Nice release!! respect to De Oliveira (A Year Together)
  • H.PAUL: Las tres pistas me molan,si señor Jorge !!! thanks (Welcome)
  • WYNDELL LONG: nice set of trax. not the typical stuff. (A Year Together)

And gets featured on Beatport:



De Oliveira Rotary Remixes Cannabis Records 020


De Oliveira Rotary Remixes Cannabis Records 020

Feat. Alexey Kotlyar, Ganez and Mark Rey




This one is alreay supported by: DJ Pepo, Roman Zawodny, Matt K, Aka Carl, Odessa Soundfreaks, Thomas WIll, Mark Rey amoung others.. look here what they say:


  • MATT K: Nice! Much Respect! (Original Mix)
  • AKA CARL: Original track sounds really good!!! nice and clean and a great groove! (Original Mix)
  • STEEL GROOVES: mark rey remix is my fav! good release over all. thx 🙂 (Mark Rey Remix)
  • ODESSA SOUNDFREAKS: Very good sound thx! (Original Mix)
  • DAMAGOJ RADAS: Alexey best for me…great groove and bassline… (Alexey Kotlyar Remix)
  • J-NAT: Great ep!!Full support! (De Oliveira)
  • GAMUT: Cool groovy EP, support (Rotary Original Mix)
  • THOMAS WILL: Nice release! Alexey´s remix for me, thanks 😉 (A.Kotlyar Remix)


  • DJ PEPO: Muy bueno y gran nombre para un sello!!!!!!!!!!!!! (De Oliveira)
  • ROMAN ZAWODNY: De Oliveira’s track packs a punch along with Ganez and Luky R.D.U…nice! Supporting. (De Oliveira – Rotary)
  • THOMAS WILL: Thank you very much for the promo I really apreciate it…All the album is very nice, but 4 tracks really captivate my attention. They are The Olivera – Rotary… Full support from me for Cannabis recs 😉 ThX (all =),)
  • DIEGO HERRERO: Very good release. Great producers inside. Many thanks for the ep!! (De Oliveira)
  • MARK REY: Awsome Release Friends!! Love it!!! 🙂 (All EP,)

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