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We’ve prepared a Special Release for SCR 016 De Oliveira – Stampede Remixes

Inviting three legends of Techno to make it: Ben Sims,  A.Paul and 3Phazegenerator Thank you very much for support, it’s a pleasure to see you here 😉



Stir Coneciences Records 016: De Oliveira – Stampede Rmxs

Feat. « Ben Sims,  A.Paul and 3Phazegenerator«



Support from Techno Artists like: Patrick DSP, Dave The Drummer, Vincent De Wit, Pedro Delgardo, Tim Baker, Filipe Barbosa, Paula Cazenave, Veztax, DJ Shiva, Kazu Kimura, Makarov & Steen, Go!Diva, Darkmode, Andreas-Tek, Gabeen, Robert Grand, Mr. Jones, Scan Mode, Techno.fm, Datamatrix, Paul Langley, C-System, Dkult, Andreas Kremer, Daz Furey, DJ Link, DJ Kammy, Elton D, AT Project or Shaun Mauren amoung others..