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De Oliveira - Stampede Remixes - Stir Consciences Records 016

SCR016 Description: This time De Oliveira from Galicia, Spain. Gives us an special remixes release for Stir Consciences Records 016 Inviting three legends of Techno that need no introduction: Ben Sims, A.Paul and 3Phazegenerator ! As in description of SCR 0015 where De Oliveira Stampede Original Mix was released: First track is so drier, it has a mix between kick drum, bassline and percussion very forceful, accompanied for some peculiar and funny melodies. The second track is a Melodic Techno remix with a with a great influence of Techno Minimal. The third, as its name suggests, is a total reset by 3phazegenerator remix, it maintains the fun of the original melodies, but with a very different Dark Techno approach. The fourth A.Paul remix, is a dry and powerful Minimal Techno remix, driven by high frequency effects. The fifth Ben Sims remix, thats is pure Funky Techno, Hardgroove Techno, with very powerful snares and percussion. And to complete the EP, the sixth track and last De Oliveira remix is a curious mixture of Hardgroove Techno and Dark Techno.


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De Oliveira – Stampede (Original Mix)

SCR016 was quickly supported by: Patrick DSP, Dave The Drummer, Vincent De Wit, Pedro Delgardo, Tim Baker, Filipe Barbosa, Paula Cazenave, Veztax, DJ Shiva, Kazu Kimura, Makarov & Steen, Go!Diva, Darkmode, Andreas-Tek, Gabeen, Robert Grand, Mr. Jones, Scan Mode, Techno.fm, Datamatrix, Paul Langley, C-System, Dkult, Andreas Kremer, Daz Furey, DJ Link, DJ Kammy, Elton D, AT Project or Shaun Mauren amoung others..