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De Oliveira - Welcome Remixes EP - Stir Consciences Records 010

SCR 010 Description: This time De Oliveira from Galicia, Spain. Gives us as in the SCR005 two Dark Techno tracks by LFO atomatizations, another Hardgroove Techno, Hard Techno track with a very aggressive bass line and percussion. But this time too a Hypnotic Techno track with a powerfull Bassline » De Oliveira – Welcome you too «. But this time remixed by some top Techno artists: Andreas-Tek, Daniela Haverbeck, Dave Elyzium, Ganez, Luke Creed, Tachini and The Event 7.

This release include remixes from Minimal Techno, through Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Electro Techno, Hardgroove Techno, Dark Techno, Hard Techno… This is a special release and is totally open format.

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Current Video:

De Oliveira – Welcome You Too (Original Mix)

SCR010 was featured on Beatport and have quickly support from: l1 Ambivalent, DJ Bold, Steve Pain, Veztax, Luke Creed, Patrick DSP, 3Phazegenerator, Datamatrix, Mike Humphries, Robert Grand, Darkmode, Vegim, Israel Toledo, DKult, Yari Greco, Andreas-Tek, aka Carl, Du’Art, Matt K, The Event 7, Raftek, DJ Pepo, Diego Herrero, Thomas Will, H.Paul, Steel Grooves or Wyndell Long amoung others.